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Triathlon- og temporammer


Triathlon- og temposykler









Q: What does CEEPO mean?
A: CEEPO has no specific meaning in Japanese or otherwise. It is simply the name the founder of Ceepo adopted for his new triathlon bike company.

Q: Why the focus on narrow tubes and aspect ratio?
A: In the bike leg of a triathlon or in a cycling time trial, the vast majority of a rider's power is used to combat one thing: aerodynamic drag. And depending on rider size and position, between 65% to 80% of aerodynamic drag can be attributed to the rider's body, with the remaining 20% to 35% of drag generated by the bike, primarily the wheels and frameset. Without getting into detailed engineering explanations, this aerodynamic drag is directly related to two main elements: the total frontal area of the bicycle and the shape or form of the frame and components.

These two drag producing elements create what is known as pressure drag. Minimizing the frontal area and having tube shapes with high aspect ratios significantly lowers the total drag coefficient of the bike (see our 'Technology' section for more info). To minimize this power robbing pressure drag CEEPO designs their frames to be extremely narrow and with very high aspect ratio shapes, while still maintaining high strength where needed. These fundamental engineering and aerodynamic facts are why CEEPO pays such close attention to the size, shapes, and aspect ratios of all of our tube sets.

Q: Why doesn't the Stinger use the same tubing profiles as the Venom?
A: Bike design is what is known as a "zero sum" game. This means you can't have a narrow aerodynamic frame, that is ultra light, and also inexpensive. If you could, then every manufacturer would offer one. Notice that bikes that are designed to be very light will also have very large section (but low aspect ratio and high drag) tubing. The mechanical properties associated with large section tubing allow these frames to be light, but the lightness comes at the expense of aerodynamics.

You can also have super thin aerodynamic tubing profiles (like those of the CEEPO Venom), but this requires stronger and more expensive materials to maintain stiffness. The goal of the CEEPO Stinger was to offer a bike at a lower price point, yet still maintaining high quality materials, outstanding aerodynamics, and reasonable weight. By increasing the tubing profiles very slightly it allows us to use a different mix of carbon fiber grades, while maintaining our desired stiffness and weight goals.

Q: What grade carbon does CEEPO use?
A: CEEPO uses only the finest available carbon fiber materials. The Venom is a complete 40T high modulus carbon frameset and the Stinger has an 80%/20% mix of 40T and 30T carbon fiber.

Q: How are CEEPOs manufactured?
A: Each CEEPO frame is formed with bladder mold technology from our own proprietary closed molds. The frames are made completely by hand-laid carbon fiber lay-ups.
















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