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Triathlon- og temporammer


Triathlon- og temposykler







CEEPO - Konsept



Compare our design, compare our fit.
Compare our materials, compare our tolerances.
Compare our finish, compare our quality.

You won’t find another manufacturer that exceeds Ceepo in any of these areas!


Ceepo bikes were conceived by Nobuyuki "Joe" Tanaka (left), as he raced ironman-distance triathlons and the ironman world championships in Kona, Hawaii many times.

Tanaka wanted to develop a superior and super fast bike that would be designed specially for the demands of triathlon. So in 2003, he embarked on creating a triathlon bike that would be manufactured entirely to his specifications. Just four short years later, Ceepo bikes have gone from concept, to full production and introduction to the asian – pacific market, to now being represented at the 2007 ironman world championships by nearly 30 top triathletes.

“When I decided to design and manufacture a triathlon bike, I determined it would be of the highest quality, as that is what I desire in my own bike”

Nobuyuki Tanaka, renowned Japanese age group triathlete and founder of Ceepo bikes.

Unlike many of its competitors, CEEPO’s product managers, designers, and distributors are triathletes themselves. CEEPO is not a road bike company that simply markets one of their bike models to triathletes, CEEPO bikes and frames were developed entirely by triathletes for triathletes. Unlike some other bike companies, our employees actually ride and race to ensure CEEPO bikes meet and exceed the demands of real world racing conditions. Also, CEEPO does not restrict their aerodynamic frame designs to meet irrelevant and archaic UCI limitations. CEEPO simply applies proven aerodynamic principles in innovative designs to produce state-of-the-art triathlon racing machines.

CEEPO uses the highest grade carbon fiber material available on the market. And, while a very select few of CEEPO’s competitors are able to match CEEPO’s super high-quality materials, most do not and cut corners and costs by using cheaper mixtures of carbon fiber grades, resulting in bikes that are neither light nor stiff.

Many other so-called tri bikes on the market are simply mass-produced “open-mold” products. With open-mold bike frames, a factory or trading company owns the mold and sells “cookie-cutter” carbon bike frames to anyone who’s willing to buy. But the “pseudo manufacturers” that buy these open-mold bike frames don’t own or control the design, engineering, or material selection for the products they’re marketing. Usually, they just specify the paint or logos that are applied to a generic open-mold frame. You’ve probably already seen framesets that are marketed by two (or sometimes three, or four) different bike companies, and yet the bikes are identical to one another, except for the paint and logos...these are examples of open mold products.

CEEPO takes an entirely different approach to produce a cutting-edge triathlon racing frame. Since CEEPO owns and designs their own proprietary frame molds, CEEPO is able to fully control the complete design, engineering, production, and material selection for their bikes. As a result, CEEPO controls all the aspects of manufacturing, which allows CEEPO to create unique and truly innovative products. This is an important consideration, as some bike companies are just “pseudo manufacturers” that simply re-badge and market generic open-mold products without real value or design innovation.





Ceepo bikes were conceived by Nobuyuki "Joe" Tanaka (above), as he raced ironman-distance triathlons and the ironman world championships in Kona, Hawaii many times.







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