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Triathlon- og temporammer


Triathlon- og temposykler







CEEPO - Teknologi - Kjøreegenskaper



Ride Characteristics


Joe Tanaka has competed in many Ironman distance races and has talked to hundreds of fellow competitors. With his history of experience, and feedback from beginner to professional triathletes, it is clear that holding an aerodynamic position for 112 miles on bike is a tough test for the human body. Constant high-power output over long distances can only be achieved under comfortable conditions. Thus, the geometry of a long distance triathlon bike has to allow for a body position that is comfortable enough for the rider to produce high-power output for many hours while holding an optimal aerodynamic position.
In addition to comfort and power output, the rider must be able to come off the bike, exit the T2 transition, and have fresh enough legs to execute a competitive run.

CEEPO did not copy the geometry of typical road and time trial bikes. Instead, CEEPO started from scratch to build bikes that deliver maximum time power output, stability, speed, and comfort while never forgetting that the CEEPO rider still must run. With the knowledge that CEEPO riders are a long way from their goal, CEEPO bikes also help athletes preserve their energy by reducing energy sapping frame vibration. At CEEPO, we have concentrated on using superior engineering, finest materials, and quality processes to design the ideal bike for each triathlete depending on their unique desires in experience, power output, and riding style.



Various PROS are riding CEEPO bikes, and they are achieving fabulous results and feeling the difference. Gina Ferguson has won three races since December 2008. After an 8th place in the 2008 Ironman World Championship in Kona riding a CEEPO, Gina then won IM Western Australia (December 7th) setting a new bike course record. She subsequently won the Challenge Wanaka (January 18th), and IM New Zealand on March 8th 2009. Belinda Granger won the 2009 edition of the Hawaii 70.3 a couple of weeks after riding her new CEEPO Venom for the first time. Simon Billeau was 3rd in the 2009 Ironman France race. They all agree that CEEPO bikes are incredibly responsive and provide maximum speed, stability and comfort!





Ride Characteristics




Finest material


Material Engineering and

Production Process






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